American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins ... The Only U.S. Pure Gold Coin

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins are a first-rate choice if you are buying gold bullion to hold some of your wealth.

These picturesque gold bullion coins are minted for those of you who are:

  • Pure gold coin enthusiasts.
  • More comfortable buying US mint gold coins.
  • Fond of Native American art.

More good reasons to choose these attractive coins are listed below:

  • The American Buffalo Gold Coin is four-9s-fine (99.99%) pure gold.
  • Both gold weight and gold purity are guaranteed by the US government.
  • Gold bullion and proof varieties are available.

Native America’s proud heritage is beautifully displayed on these stately gold coins.

A dignified image of a Native American (some believe a chief) is pictured on the obverse (heads) side with a large bison featured on the reverse side. Both images are widely-recognized symbols of early western America.

Value Of Gold Coins

The American Buffalo Gold Coin is only minted with one ounce of gold and a $50 face value. However, the face amount is a small fraction of the gold coin’s actual worth.

Its true value is primarily determined by the spot gold price for one troy ounce of gold bullion.

American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin

The American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin is considered a collectible since it requires a special minting process. Additionally, it’s minted in smaller numbers which further increases its potential worth.

American Buffalo Gold Proof Coins

This gold proof coin’s value is usually higher than the traditional gold bullion coins.

Special stamping dies and additional strikes are used to produce this sharply-defined collectible coin.

Graded Buffalo Gold Proof Coin

This unique minting process produces gold coins with frosty images (Native American & Buffalo) that contrast nicely with mirror-like backgrounds.

A “W” is stamped on the obverse side to indicate these gold coins are produced at the West Point Mint. The “W” is placed just below the longest feather worn by the Native American.

Pictured on the right is a graded/certified early release American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin. Please click here to learn more about certified rare coins.

Be Aware Of Imitations

There are copies of American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins that only include a thin gold layer. These imitations cost a tiny fraction of the real thing since they are not solid gold.

If you study the reverse side of the genuine article pictured above you will see “1 oz. .9999 FINE GOLD” stamped on the coin.

Therefore, if the coin for sale does not include that wording and the price is too good to be true -- you are likely looking at an imitation.

It’s wise to only do business with gold bullion dealers you trust. An honest dealer should be explicit if the coin is an inexpensive copy.

American Buffalo vs. American Eagle

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins

A disadvantage of pure gold coins is they are easily dented or scratched due to the softness of gold.

As an alternative, the US mint manufactures American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins that are 91.67% gold.

The balance materials, silver and copper, are added to American Eagle Gold Coins to make them harder and more durable.

  24 karat = 99.9% (or better) pure gold bullion coins  
  22 karat = 91.67% alloy gold bullion coins

Nevertheless, a 1 oz. American Eagle Gold Coin (22 karat) and an American Buffalo Gold Coin (24 karat) contain the same amount of gold bullion.

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins

The Buffalo Gold Coin’s gross weight is approximately 3 grams less since it does not include any silver or copper alloys.

Therefore, both gold bullion coins have the same gold content values as determined by the spot gold price.

Small price differences can exist between these two gold coins since one may be in greater demand.

Back to the fragile nature of pure gold coins. You can significantly reduce the risks of damaging American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins by …

  • Properly packaging them for transport.
  • Using careful handling practices when you are looking at them.

So both the American Buffalo Gold Coin and American Eagle Gold Coin get the job done in style if your goal is buying gold bullion to preserve some of your wealth.

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