American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins
Are A Favorite Choice

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are some of the most widely-traded gold coins in the world. These coins are an excellent option if you have decided to preserve some of your wealth with gold bullion coins.

Some of the most important advantages of American Eagle Gold Coins are:

  • High demand. These US gold coins are very popular worldwide (especially in North America) resulting in more potential buyers should you decide to sell them.
  • Their status as the only alloy gold bullion coin the IRS permits in a precious metal IRA.
  • The assurances by the US Government that these gold coins contain the advertised amounts of gold bullion.
  • Their availability in four different gold bullion and face value amounts as listed in the following table.

Gold Content Face Value
      1 oz.       $50
      ½ oz.       $25
      ¼ oz.       $10
      110 oz.       $5

If you love American art, you will appreciate these US gold coins. Lady Liberty and the North American Bald Eagle - American iconic symbols of freedom and strength - are pictured on these lovely gold coins.

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins

Three varieties of American Eagle Gold Coins are minted by the West Point Mint. They are:

  • American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins
  • American Eagle Gold Proof Coins
  • American Eagle Gold Uncirculated Coins

Bullion Variety

Although American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins have legal tender status, they are primarily purchased as investments and/or stores of wealth.

The face values of these US gold coins (i.e. $50 for a 1 oz. coin) are small fractions of their actual gold content values. Their true worth is largely determined by the spot gold price for one troy ounce of gold.

Proof Variety

American Eagle Gold Proof Coins use the same art as the traditional
gold bullion coins listed above.

These coins, however, are designed and produced for coin collectors. Special manufacturing steps and stamping dies are used to mint these beautiful US gold coins.

The most obvious special features of these proof coins are a frosty image and mirror-like background. Additionally, a “W” is struck into the Lady Liberty side of the gold coin to identify the West Point Mint. (photo below)

The “W” is small but can be seen. It's directly below the “3” in the date.

Uncirculated Variety

Generally, the term “uncirculated” is used in concert with traditional bullion coins, issued as legal tender, but unused by the general public. In short these coins appear new like the day they left the mint.

However, mint-designated American Eagle Gold Uncirculated Coins refer to specially minted coins. These coins also display the same art as the other two coin varieties with an appearance more similar to the bullion variety.

Like the proof coins, these American Eagle Gold Coins are minted for coin collectors. They, too, include the “W” strike designating the mint where they are produced.

Another distinguishing feature of this variety is the use of special burnished coins blanks that are individually loaded into coin presses.

Why Are Alloys Added To American Eagle Gold Coins?

Gold is a heavy but soft metal. So pure gold coins are easily scratched or dented.

Maple Leaf Gold Coin - Reverse

As a remedy, alloy metals are added during the production of alloy gold coins. Adding silver and copper to American Eagle Gold Coins makes them more resistant to damage.

American Eagle Gold Coins are 91.67% gold, 3% silver and 5.33% copper. Technically, pure gold coins must be at least 99.9% gold according to the karat system.

  24 karat = 99.9% (or better) pure gold bullion coins  
  22 karat = 91.67% alloy gold bullion coins

Which Is Better ... Pure Gold Coins Or Alloy Gold Coins?

Nevertheless, American Eagle Gold Coins have the same gold content as other similarly-stamped gold bullion coins.

American Eagle Gold Coins

For example, one troy ounce of gold is in both one ounce American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins and one ounce Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins. However, the gold Eagles are about 3 grams heavier since they include silver and copper.

The main point is that the gold content values are the same for these one ounce Canadian and US gold coins. Nonetheless one coin may be more popular than the other which can result in small price differences.

As mentioned at the top, American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are a great option if you are buying gold bullion to preserve wealth.

I hope all of the best for you. Please click on a link in my navigation bar (upper left) to learn more about gold and silver bullion.

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