Why Canadian Gold Coins
Are Among The Very Best

Canadian gold coins are great options when buying gold bullion coins. The Maple Leaf Gold Coin is one of the purest gold coins in the marketplace. These stunning coins offer the following benefits:

  • They are some of the most popular gold coins (especially in Canada and the United States). This translates into a good number of potential buyers when it comes time to sell them.
  • The Maple Leaf Gold Coin is one of the purest gold coins minted anywhere.
  • Gold weight and purity are guaranteed by the Canadian government.
  • These Canadian gold coins are available in the gold content and face value amounts listed in the table below.

Gold Content Face Value
    1 oz.     C$50
    ½ oz.     C$20
    ¼ oz.     C$10
    110 oz.     C$5
    120 oz.     C$1

You cannot help but sense the immense pride that goes into producing these magnificent Canadian gold coins.

Canada's British heritage is expressed on the obverse (heads) side with an image of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse (tails) side has a finely-detailed image of a maple leaf ... one of Canada's most treasured national symbols.

Maple Leaf Gold Coins

Value Of Gold Coins

As previously indicated, face amounts are stamped on each Maple Leaf Gold Coin. However, a coin's face value is merely symbolic and is a small fraction of it's actual worth.

The true value of these Canadian gold coins is primarily determined by the spot gold price for one troy ounce of gold bullion.

Purest Gold Coins In The World

Our friends in Canada certainly know how to produce high purity gold bullion coins. They were the first to mint four-9s-fine (99.99%) pure gold coins toward the end of 1982.

In 2007 the Royal Mint of Canada set the bar even higher by producing the purest gold coins, five-9s-fine (99.999%) pure gold, currently minted anywhere in the world.

Certain collectible Canadian gold coins are minted with five-9s-fine gold bullion. Examples of these ultra-pure gold coins include:

  • Piedmont Maple Leaf Gold Coin
  • Mountain Avens Gold Coin
  • Blessings of Happiness Gold Coin
  • 1 oz. Maple Leaf Gold Coin (C$200 Face Value)
  • 100 kg. Maple Leaf Gold Coin (C$1 Million Face Value)

Pure Gold Or Alloy Gold?

Although a heavy metal, gold is also a very soft metal and can be easily scratched or dented.

The primary benefit of the alloy gold coin is its enhanced hardness when an alloy metal is added during the coin production process.

Choosing between pure and alloy gold bullion coins is sometimes difficult. Some gold bullion buyers are only interested in purchasing pure gold coins.

Other gold coin buyers are perfectly happy with alloy gold coins. This assumes the alloy gold coins are stamped with the same gold content weight as competitive pure gold coins.

Is One Worth More?

For example, a 1 oz. Maple Leaf Gold Coin (24 karat) and a 1 oz. American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin (22 karat) have equal amounts of gold bullion.

However, the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin is approximately 3 grams heavier since it also contains small amounts of silver and copper.

24 karat = 99.9% (or better) pure gold bullion coins
22 karat = 91.67% alloy gold bullion coins

Although their gross weights are different, the Canadian and American gold coins have the same gold bullion content amounts. Therefore, their gold values are the same.

Nevertheless, small price differences may exist between the two coins since one coin may be in greater demand.

So in the above example, either one will do if your goal is to preserve some of your wealth with gold bullion coins. It's really a matter of personal preference. Do you have a favorite?

Canadian Gold Coins

Without a doubt, Canadian gold coins are an excellent option if you're buying gold bullion. Best wishes in your pursuit of quality precious metals.

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