Canadian Silver Coins
Are High Quality Options

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin is a class act. Canadian silver coins like the Maple Leaf and others make excellent silver bullion assets.

These silver coins are divided into the following two types:

  • Pure silver coins (i.e. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin)
  • Alloy silver coins

A three-nines-fine (99.9%) silver purity is required by US commodity futures exchanges for silver bullion products that complete futures contracts.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins - both bullion and proof - are 99.99% pure silver. Proof coins are pictured below.

Commemorative Silver Maple Leaf Proof Coins

So if we apply the above standard, any coin with a silver purity of 99.9% or better is considered a pure silver coin. If a silver coin's purity is less than 99.9%, it's an alloy coin.

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Junk Silver Coins

Highly-circulated alloy silver coins are commonly used to store wealth. The Royal Canadian Mint produced dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars during the 20th century with varying amounts of silver bullion.

Alloy metals (i.e. copper) are added to these silver bullion coins to increase their durability. That’s why silver coins intended for public circulation are generally alloy coins.

Heavily used legal tender silver coins do not have any numismatic value. For that reason they are called junk silver coins.

Some Canadian silver coins (alloys) issued for circulation prior to mid 1967 are traded as junk silver. The most widely-purchased junk silver coins are 80% silver bullion. Visit here for details about Canadian Junk Silver Coins.

Canadian Junk Silver Coins - Silver Dollar Coins

Sterling Silver Coins

Certain Canadian silver coins minted prior to 1920 are 92.5% silver. These coins are also called sterling silver coins.

The term “sterling silver” originated in Europe hundreds of years ago to identify silver objects alloyed with base metals such as copper. A 92.5% silver bullion content amount was required to qualify as sterling silver.

Pure Silver Coins

Canadians certainly know how to produce high-purity silver bullion coins for those who will not accept anything less than the very best.

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin is the most widely-purchased pure silver coin made in Canada. This beautiful coin is four-nines-fine (99.99%) silver bullion.

An image of Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse (heads) side of the coin which gives it a majestic quality. A finely-detailed maple leaf is pictured on the reverse (tails) side.

Notable advantages of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin are listed below:

  • Their silver purity (four-nines-fine) is world renowned.
  • The artwork is stunning.
  • They have a good demand (especially in North America).
  • Their silver weight and purity are guaranteed by the Canadian government.

Without question the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin is one of the highest quality, most exquisite coins minted anywhere in the world.

Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin - Obverse

Value Of Silver Coins

Although a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin has a C$5 face value, the coin is actually worth substantially more.

Its true value is largely determined by the silver spot price for one troy ounce of silver. And silver bullion dealers also use the spot price as a baseline when pricing their products.

Alloy silver coins usually cost less than pure silver coins. It's easy to compare prices between these two types of silver coins.

A combination of circulated pre-1967 Canadian silver coins (80% silver) totaling C$1.67 face value is approximately equal to 1 oz. of silver bullion.

The math is further simplified since the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin is only issued in the 1 oz. weight. Merely compare the prices to the
silver spot price and go from there.

Please click here to learn how dealers determine silver bullion prices.

Use Minimal Amount Of Precious Metals At One Time

As a general rule gold is considerably more valuable than silver. Owning silver bullion coins can help you meet an unexpected financial demand using a minimum amount of precious metals.

Gold and silver complement each other like different denominations of a currency. It’s nice to have some smaller bills in your wallet and not all $100 bills. Likewise it can be helpful to have some silver bullion coins.

Minimizing the amount of precious metals converted to cash during times of hardship is an efficient way to use your gold and silver bullion.

It's wise to consult your accountant about applicable taxes before you sell any precious metals.

Junk Silver Or Pure Silver?

Is it best to own junk silver or pure silver coins? That's a good question. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin is only issued in the 1 oz. weight. Junk silver coins are available in smaller silver bullion amounts.

In keeping with the above example (use minimal precious metals) --
I believe a mixture of both junk silver and pure silver coins is optimal.

Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coins

You can be confident Canadian silver coins are quality silver investment options. Please click here for more tips on how to buy silver bullion.

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