Credit Suisse Gold Bars
... A Trusted Brand

Credit Suisse Gold Bars are some of the most trusted gold bullion investments produced in the private sector.

Interestingly, Credit Suisse does not directly manufacture its gold bullion products but is an international bank based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The banking giant's gold refining is done by Valcambi SA, a well-established refiner located in Balerna, Switzerland.

Valcambi is listed by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) as an approved refiner and assayer ... a most coveted credential.

Additionally Valcambi is on the approved refinery list of major commodity exchanges such as COMEX. This accreditation is essential for gold bullion bars purchased for a precious metal IRA.

Minted or Cast Gold Bars

Valcambi gold bars are manufactured as either minted or cast gold bullion bars. Minted (struck) bars are stamped from solid sheets of gold. The casting method involves pouring liquid gold into molds to form gold ingots.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars are available in four-nines-fine (99.99%) gold and a wide range of weights beginning at 1 gram (with assay certificate).

Examples of Credit Suisse minted and cast gold bars are included in the table below. This list is not complete.

Gold Bar Sizes Minted Cast
1 g., 2 g., 2.5 g., 5 g., 10 g., 20 g., 1 oz.,
50 g., 100 g., 5 oz., 250 g., 10 oz., 500 g.
1 kg., 100 oz., 400 oz.    X

1 Kilo Gold Bar

Minted 1 kilo (kg.) gold bars are available under the Valcambi brand. So we know it's possible to mint bars that big. However, it's not feasible (yet) to mint 100 oz. & 400 oz. gold bars en masse so a casting method is used.

Back to the 1 kilo gold bar -- we know Credit Suisse markets a 1 kg. cast gold ingot. And Valcambi reduced the costs of making 1 kg. gold ingots by using fully-automated equipment that operates 24 hrs./day, 7 days/week.

You benefit when production costs are lowered since lower consumer prices usually follow. So it's worth comparing the cost/ounce of Credit Suisse 1 kg. gold ingots with other options when buying gold bullion.

A 1 kilo (kg.) gold ingot is equal to 32.1507 troy ounces.

Saving money is the number one reason gold bullion buyers purchase bars instead of coins. Please click here if you want to know why gold bullion bars are usually cheaper than gold coins.

Credit Suisse 1 Kilo (kg.) Cast Gold Ingot

Assay Certification

Gold bullion buyers want assurances their gold bars are authentic -- and rightly so.

Gold bars are not like government-minted gold coins backed by the issuing government.

When you buy gold bullion bars produced by a private mint you are depending on different credentials. That is where assay certification comes into play.

An assayer's job is to scientifically test refined gold samples and determine their gold purities and weights.

You'll notice that authentic Credit Suisse Gold Bars include Valcambi's assay stamp.

Outlined by a rectangle, the words “Essayeur” and “Foundeur” are located to the right of an encircled “CHI.”

The following two points are important concerning Credit Suisse Gold Bars:

  • Their gold purity and weight are guaranteed by Credit Suisse.
  • The Swiss government provides oversight of Valcambi's assay analyses.

As an additional measure, Credit Suisse includes serial numbers on their gold bullion bars to ensure every bar's assay results are documented.

Assay certificates/cards are typically shipped with the sealed gold bars from the refiner.

Credit Suisse Minted Gold Bar w/Assay Card

It's best not to open the plastic package sealing the gold bars. Some gold bullion buyers may expect a discount if the seal is broken -- or worse they may have no interest.

An assay certificate/card is easier to counterfeit than a gold bar's assay stamp. Nevertheless serial numbers and assay certificates serve as additional roadblocks to deter counterfeiters. And choosing reputable gold bullion dealers will also help you avoid fake gold bars.

Swiss Gold

The Swiss do many things very well, one of which is producing some of the finest gold bullion bars in the world.

And Credit Suisse Gold Bars helped Switzerland earn that distinction.

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