Millions Choose Gold Bullion Coins ... Now Learn Why

Gold bullion coins are popular among investors around the world seeking to preserve their wealth with precious metals. This popularity should also help when they sell their gold coins.

General demand and supply principles for gold bullion, as is the case with any asset, come into play when it's time to sell your gold.

Regardless of how strong or weak gold’s general demand -- gold coins are a favorite means of owning physical gold.

In addition to liquidity, gold bullion coins have the following advantages:

  • Coins include art which adds attractiveness.
  • Coins have the potential of developing value to collectors.
  • Government-issued coins reduce the potential for fraud.

Australian Gold Coins

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The Value Of Gold Coins

What is gold bullion? In short it's gold produced in different bulk forms
(i.e. coins, bars, ingots).

Gold bullion coins belong to one of the following groups:

  • Pure Gold Coins - which are 99.9% gold bullion or better
    (24 karat).
  • Alloy Gold Coins - which consists of gold bullion and alloy metal(s).

Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin - Tails

The value of gold coins is largely determined by the spot gold price or gold spot price (both wordings are used) for one troy ounce of gold.

Gold bullion dealers use the spot gold price as a reference point when they price their products. Click here to learn more about gold coin prices.

Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin - Heads

Prices of gold bullion coins should not be confused with rare coin prices. Rare gold coins, also called numismatic coins, have unique features that enhance their prices beyond their gold content values.

Alloy Gold Coins

Why add a different metal to perfectly good gold? Because adding an alloy metal(s) such as copper to a gold coin helps protect it from marring.

Pure gold, though a heavy metal, is also a soft metal and can be easily scratched or dented. Gold coins with alloy metals are harder and more resistant to damage from handling.

Examples of widely-traded alloy gold coins are listed below. Their gold purities range from 90% to 98.6%.

American Eagle Gold Coin - HeadsAmerican Eagle Gold Bullion Coin - TailsGold Krugerrand

             American Eagle Gold Coins         Krugerrand Gold Coins

More Comfortable With Pure Gold Coins?

If your mind is set on pure gold only--not to worry. There are several popular pure gold options:

Buffalo GoldGold Kangaroo

As already mentioned, pure gold coins are easier to damage since they are softer.

Nonetheless this risk can be greatly reduced if the coins are properly packaged and gently handled.

Maple Leaf Gold CoinPanda Gold Coin

Same Gold Weights

The gold weight is the same in alloy gold coins and pure gold coins that are similarly stamped (i.e. 1 oz., ½ oz., etc.).

For example, a 1 oz. American Buffalo Gold Coin and a 1 oz. American Eagle Gold Coin have the identical amount (1 troy ounce) of gold.

Pure gold bullion (1 oz.) is required to manufacture both of these coins. The difference is two additional metals, silver and copper, are added to a 1 oz. American Eagle Gold Coin.

Since pure gold bullion (1 oz.) is the only metal used to make a 1 oz. American Buffalo Gold Coin, it weighs approximately 3 grams less.

All Are Solid Choices

Are you having a difficult time choosing? These decisions can be tough. We've all been there. If it’s a close call, you may want to consider the following:

  • Do you have a personal preference concerning the artwork?
  • What are the price differences?
  • What are the demand differences in your region of the world?

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

These coins have similar prices since their values are linked to the spot gold price. Nevertheless prices usually differ a little since one make of coin may be more popular than another.

An illustration of regional demand is Canadian, Mexican and US gold coins likely account for the majority of gold coin sales in North America.

There are exceptions to the regional demand logic. For example, Austrian gold coins are also popular in North America.

These splendid gold coins are very pleasing to the eye. Especially if you love art. It's easy to understand why they are so desirable.

What's Your Favorite Gold Coin?

Do you like alloy or pure gold coins the best? Does one coin stand out more than the others? Your story can benefit other visitors. So which coin is your favorite and why do you like it?

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