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Regal Assets Gets an A+

Started in 2003, Regal Assets (RA) is one of the largest gold bullion dealers in the US and has earned the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) highest rating … A+.

Regal Assets offers the following advantages should you choose RA as your gold dealer:

  • Stellar customer service
  • Very competitive prices on gold bullion coins (no numismatic value)
  • Experience with gold IRA transactions

It appears to me that gold bullion coins are the most competitively-priced items sold by RA. Find out how the value of gold coins is determined.

Gold Bullion Dealers Help Facilitate Gold IRA Setups

A key reason many Americans open a gold IRA is to protect their retirement wealth from the harmful impact of excessive currency devaluation. Please visit here for my commentary on why a gold ira.

Gold bullion dealers play a major role in the logistics of buying gold and moving it into a gold IRA -- which includes physical delivery of your gold to a secure and insured third-party vault.

You cannot take personal delivery of the gold bullion under IRS rules. Learn more about the IRS rules regulating a precious metal IRA by clicking here.

You choose where to buy your retirement gold bullion.

However, your IRA trustee
must actually execute the order with your dealer, who then ships your gold to the depository (vault).

Therefore, it’s important to work with a gold dealer who is experienced in coordinating gold IRA transactions.

I doubt the BBB would have issued an A+ grade to RA if it did not have a strong track record assisting its clients with gold retirement accounts.

Free Extras From Regal Assets

You will receive, free of charge, a Gold IRA (or Gold)1 Investment Guide from RA when you request it via the form below.

1NOTE: You have your choice of the Gold IRA Guide or the standard
           (non-IRA) Gold Investment Guide. Please state your preference to
           your Regal Assets Representative when he/she calls to confirm.

This site might be compensated if you complete and submit the Regal Assets form included below. You do not pay extra for the gold. Thanks ... your support is appreciated!

RA has also made its new iGoldLive application for iPhone, Droid or Blackberry smart phones available at no cost to you.

iGoldLive features include …

  • Up-to-the-minute spot gold price or silver spot price.
  • Historical gold and silver bullion prices in days, months or years.
  • Alarms so you are alerted when current gold or silver prices change.
  • Up-to-date precious metals news.

Final Words

To sum it up, Regal Assets offers competitive prices for gold bullion coins, provides first-class service, and is very experienced with gold IRA setups. I hope this information helps when you choose a gold bullion dealer.

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