21st Century Gold Price History

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History of Gold Prices ... Yearly Highs and Lows

Year     High     Low
2000   $312.70   $263.80
2001   $293.25   $255.95
2002   $349.30   $277.75
2003   $416.25   $319.90
2004   $455.55   $375.00
2005   $533.89   $412.52
2006   $718.83   $516.90
2007   $842.75   $608.07
2008$1,004.38   $712.30
2009$1,219.99   $813.80


  • The only year that did not show an increase in the yearly high from the previous year was 2001. I excluded 2012 since at the time of this writing four months remain in the calendar year.
  • From 2001 thru 2007 there was a 187% increase in the spot gold price (yearly high). Then from 2007 thru 2011 the spot gold price increased another 127%.
  • The biggest single-year increase in the yearly high was from 2010 to 2011 … a 34% gain.
  • Not surprisingly the 2001 yearly low was less than the previous year (3% drop), which was similar to the pattern of the yearly high mentioned above.
  • The most significant gain in the yearly low was from 2010 to 2011. There was a whopping 59% increase the spot gold price between these two years.

Two contributing factors to these trends were the War on Terror and the financial crisis. Fear and uncertainty coupled with an increase in the money supply led to increased investor demand for gold bullion.

I will not go into the economical/political minutiae that I believe impacts the money supply. Without some mechanism, either a balanced-budget amendment or a precious-metals-backed currency, the rationalizations to spend and print more currency without limit will continue.

I hope the above customizable tool helps you better understand the history of the spot gold price during the last 11+ years.

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