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You get a solid gold bar with a solid reputation when you buy a Johnson Matthey Gold Bar. And a gold refiner's reputation is a key consideration when buying gold bullion products.

A listing with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is the credential gold refining companies seek above all others. Johnson Matthey refineries around the world are on that prestigious list.

Another coveted accreditation is COMEX … a gold and silver futures exchange located in the USA. A gold refinery must be on the COMEX approved list before its products are permitted in a precious metal IRA.

In addition to their good standings with the LBMA, Johnson Matthey refineries located in various countries have the COMEX accreditation.

Precious Metal IRA

If you are considering a particular Johnson Matthey Gold Bar for your retirement account, you should first check with your IRA trustee to verify that it qualifies.

Not every Johnson Matthey refinery is listed with COMEX. For example their formerly-owned Hong Kong factory is not on that list.

Both minted and cast gold bullion bars are available in the marketplace. However, Johnson Matthey no longer mints gold bars ... it only casts gold ingots.

Minted bars are cut from solid sheets of gold. Cast bars (ingots) are formed when liquid gold is poured into molds.

It’s not practical to mint large gold bars. So a casting method is employed to produce the larger gold bullion bars.

International Presence

Johnson Matthey gold ingots are/were produced at various refineries located in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

Only those refineries owned by Johnson Matthey Limited (Brampton Canada) and Johnson Matthey, Inc. (Salt Lake City USA) currently produce cast gold bullion bars.

The word “Canada” is included in the assay marks stamped on Canadian gold bars. Initials “SLC” for Salt Lake City, Utah USA are stamped on bars made at Johnson Matthey’s Utah refinery.

Pre-owned Johnson Matthey gold bullion bars, produced by its former factories, are available. It's wise to buy gold bars only from credible gold bullion dealers ... especially pre-owned ones (see assay section below).

Refinery I.D. Marks

The following table lists the various refinery identification marks (stamps) and their refineries' standings with LBMA and COMEX. Words in italics are stamped on the gold bars.

CountryRefinery Brand MarkLBMA COMEX
AustraliaAGR MATTHEY with three stacked bars inside oval  X
AustraliaJOHNSON MATTHEY MELBOURNE inside oval, JOHHSON MATTHEY ASSAY OFFICE inside oval, crossed hammer & pick  X
BelgiumJOHNSON MATTHEY BRUSSEL, JM inside square  X
  X   X
CanadaJM w/crossed hammer & pick inside diamond outline  X   X
CanadaJOHNSON MATTHEY - JM w/crossed hammer & pick, J.M. LTD. CANADA ASSAY OFFICE    X
United KingdomJOHNSON MATTHEY LONDON inside oval  X   X
United KingdomJOHNSON MATTHEY & CO., LTD. w/Royal Mint Coat of Arms  X
USAJOHNSON MATTHEY JM crossed hammer & pick inside diamond, J.M.R.I. U.S.A. ASSAY OFFICE and SLC inside oval  X   X
USAMATTHEY BISHOP U.S.A. inside oval    X

The above table includes only refinery brand marks dated 1955 and later for United Kingdom refineries.

Minted Gold Bar Sizes

Johnson Matthey minted gold bullion bars were produced in Canada. I mention this because that information was not stamped on them.

Their minted gold bars were issued in fifteen different sizes. All of them are four-nines-fine (99.99%) gold bullion.

  • In troy ounces: 110, ¼, ½, 1, 2, 5 and 10.
  • In grams: 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500.

Gold Ingot Gold Weights

The table below includes current and former gold ingots produced by Johnson Matthey refineries. Gold purities of all the bars listed will range from 99.5% to 99.99% fine gold bullion.

Gold Bar WeightCurrentFormer
5 tael     X
10 tael     X
10 tola     X
100 grams     X
500 grams     X
10 oz.    X    X
1,000 grams (1 kilo)     X    X
100 oz.    X    X
400 oz.    X    X

Save Money With Gold Bullion Bars

Buying gold bullion bars can lower your gold cost. For example, I checked the unit prices1 today (April 5, 2012) of a one ounce American Gold Eagle ($1,730) and a one kilo (approx. 32 ounces) Johnson Matthey Gold Bar.

Buy A 1 Kilo Johnson Matthey Gold Bar Online Today
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The subtotal price to buy 32 one ounce American Gold Eagles is $55,360. And the unit price of a one kilo gold bar is $53,504. That’s a difference of $1,856 or a savings of 3.4%.

You can also calculate the cost per gold ounce by simply dividing the subtotal price by the number of ounces (see the results below).

Product Qty. Unit $ Oz. Subtotal Cost/Ounce
1 oz. Gold Eagle 32 $1,730 32 $55,360 $1,730
1 kilo JM Gold Bar 1 $53,504 32 $53,504 $1,672

1NOTE: Snapshot prices were based on the floating spot gold price, so
           expect a different price if you buy a kilo gold bar.

Assay Certificates

Since there are Johnson Matthey gold bullion bars in the pre-owned marketplace, you should expect that some will not include assay certificates.

Simply put, assay certification means sample bars from a particular refiner were tested and met advertised gold fineness and weight specifications.

The most important proof of assay certification is the unique assay mark stamped on each Johnson Matthey Gold Bar. It’s also true that a paper certificate is much easier to counterfeit than a gold bullion bar.

Nevertheless some gold bullion buyers may expect a discount if the assayer’s certificate is not included. I make this point so you know that a gold bar without a certificate may impact your selling price in the future.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

Also, a serial number is stamped on each Johnson Matthey Gold Bar. That same number is included on its assay certificate.

One of the most effective ways to reduce the risks of buying
a fake gold bar is to purchase gold products solely from reputable gold bullion dealers.

Two Centuries of Excellence

When you buy a Johnson Matthey Gold Bar you are getting a gold bullion product from a company with a 200-year track record of excellence.

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