Are Johnson Matthey Silver Bars
On Your Short List?

Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are prominent options if you are planning to buy silver bullion. Their notoriety is international and has spanned the last couple of centuries.

A well-established reputation is indispensible when choosing an instrument to hold your wealth. It's especially important when it comes time to sell your silver bullion bars.

Brand recognition and trust ... explains why Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are on the short list of informed buyers.

The most sought after credential of silver refiners is a listing with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). COMEX, a commodity futures exchange in the USA, is another highly-regarded accreditation.

Various Johnson Matthey refineries around the world are listed with the LBMA and COMEX.

For US citizens -- a listing with COMEX is required by the IRS if you plan to purchase silver bullion bars for a precious metal IRA.

LBMA and COMEX Listed Refineries

Identification marks (stamps) of Johnson Matthey silver refineries listed with COMEX and/or the LBMA are included in the table below. The words in italics are stamped on the silver bars.

CountryRefinery Brand MarkLBMA COMEX
AustraliaAGR MATTHEY with three stacked bars inside oval    X
BelgiumJOHNSON MATTHEY BRUSSEL, JM inside square    X
CanadaJ.M. & M. Ltd.     X
CanadaJM w/crossed hammer & pick inside diamond outline w/JOHNSON MATTHEY CANADA    X     X
CanadaJOHNSON MATTHEY - JM w/crossed hammer & pick, JM LTD CANADA ASSAY OFFICE     X
CanadaJM w/crossed hammer & pick     X
United KingdomJOHNSON MATTHEY LONDON and REFINERS MELTERS and 999 inside oval    X     X
United KingdomJMCF     X
USAJOHNSON MATTHEY JM crossed hammer & pick inside diamond, J.M.R.I. U.S.A. ASSAY OFFICE and SLC inside oval    X     X

Minted and Cast Silver Bars

You will find both minted and cast Johnson Matthey Silver Bars in the martketplace. These silver bullion bars range in size from 1 gram to
1,000 oz. and are three-nines-fine (99.9%) or better silver bullion.

Like coins, minted bars are cut from solid pieces of silver bullion and struck by die presses so key information appears on the bars (i.e. logo, assay mark, weight).

A casting method is employed to produce the large silver bars since it's not practical to mint them. Casting involves pouring liquid silver into molds to make silver ingots.

Both minting and casting processes were used to manufacture small and mid-size Johnson Matthey Silver Bars. For example, 10 oz. silver bars were produced using both methods. Ditto for 100 oz. bars.

Johnson Matthey Silver Bar FrontJohnson Matthey Silver Bar Back

Minted Silver Bars (serial # is blocked)

One way to distinguish between minted and cast silver bullion bars is to look at the characters stamped on their surfaces.

Minted bars are struck by dies which produce raised words, numbers and images on the bars. Cast bars are stamped with similar information, but the characters are impressed (engraved) into the bar's surface.

Large silver bars - 1,000 oz. - are made using a casting process.

Johnson Matthey has not produced minted silver bars for over 20 years. So you will have to purchase pre-owned bars if you prefer minted bars.

100 oz. Silver Bars and Serial Numbers

The 100 oz. silver bar is a very popular size. This is largely due to their lower costs on a per ounce basis compared to coins and smaller bars ... and the relative ease in storing them.

As mentioned earlier, Johnson Matthey minted and cast (and continues to cast) 100 oz. silver bars. The majority of obtainable 100 oz. bars are silver ingots (cast).

Minted Johnson Matthey Silver Bars include serial numbers. This is also true of older 100 oz. silver ingots. Nevertheless newly-made 100 oz. silver ingots do not include serial numbers.

The purpose of the serial numbers, and accompanying assay certificates, was to deter counterfeiters from producing fake silver bars.

The role of an assayer is to verify the silver weight and purity claims made by a silver refiner. Sometimes the assayer and refiner are the same.

Serial numbers are on 1,000 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bars since they are required by LBMA-approved weighers, transporters & vaults.

The most important proof, besides actually weighing and measuring your silver bars, is a credible logo/assay stamp imprinted on each silver bar. An assay certificate is redundant proof - in paper form - of a refiner's claims.

Many believe serial numbers and assay certificates are not needed. They hold this belief since a document is easier to fake than an actual silver bar with an established and identifiable logo/assay stamp.

1,000 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Ingot

Final Words

A significant number of the available Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are pre-owned. However, their Brampton Canada and Salt Lake City USA refinery brands are still active.

Therefore, whether you choose new or pre-owned, Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are classic silver bullion investments. Visit here for details on finding reputable silver bullion dealers.

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