Majestic Gold Bullion Coin

by Kathryn
(Missouri, USA)

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

I am an eleven-year old homeschooler, and I live in Missouri where eagles soar in the sky above my house. I love watching these majestic birds floating on the wind.

Since I admire eagles, I really like the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin because it portrays a majestic eagle that is very accurate in shape. The feathers are detailed and realistic. I also like the two eaglets in the nest.

The detail on Lady Liberty’s dress is exquisite. It is amazing how her face is portrayed. The stars, one for each state, are a nice addition to the coin.

The American Eagle Gold Coin depicts pride, majesty and detailed artwork, making it a beautiful gold coin.

Lee's reply:

I can understand why you like the American Eagle Gold Coin since you get to see live eagles where you live. Both the coin and the real thing are majestic. Thanks Kathryn.

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