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Mexican Silver Coins

The silver Libertad is a famous coin from south of the border. These Mexican silver coins are minted at Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the oldest mint in the Americas.

Several benefits of these artistic Mexican silver coins include:

  • A healthy demand ... especially in the Americas.
  • Attractive and patriotic artwork.
  • Three-nines-fine (99.9%) silver bullion.
  • Silver weight and purity guarantees by the Mexican mint.
  • Availability in fractional amounts.

Silver Libertad coins come in diverse silver bullion weights. In fact some of these Mexican coins are among the largest and smallest silver bullion coins minted anywhere (see table below).

  Silver Weight First Year
1 kg. (32.15 oz.)    2002
     5 oz.    1996
     2 oz.    1996
     1 oz.    1982
     ½ oz.    1990
     ¼ oz.    1990
     110 oz.    1990
     120 oz.    1990

All of these coins (except 1 kg.) are issued by the Mexican mint in both the traditional bullion (brilliant uncirculated) and proof varieties. Silver Libertad coins are not stamped with legal tender amounts.

The 1 kg. coin is promoted as a “proof-like” silver Libertad. So I suspect it has at least one proof variety feature.

Silver Libertad Artwork

The artwork is eye-catching and patriotic. Pictured on the silver Libertad is the Independence Angel which symbolizes Mexico's victory against Spain in 1821.

Volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, two well-known Mexican natural landmarks, can be seen behind the angel. Some assume this image is on the obverse (heads) side, but the mint opted to use it on the reverse side.

Mexico's coat of arms (COA) is on the obverse side. An eagle fighting a snake is seen. This image carries an ancient religious meaning for some, and for others it's symbolic of good (eagle) versus evil (snake).

The larger Mexican silver coins (1 oz., 2 oz., 5 oz. & 1 kg.) include historical varieties of COA's encircling the current COA -- while the smaller coins only have the current COA in the center.

Value Of Silver Coins

A silver Libertad's value is primarily based on its silver bullion weight. The silver spot price (per troy oz.) is used as a reference point by silver bullion dealers to set prices.

Silver Libertad bullion values (per oz.) are easy to estimate. Simply multiply a Libertad's price by its associated multiplier in the table below. A multiplier is the number of coins required to equal 1 oz. of silver bullion.

Then compare your estimated Libertad silver bullion value (per oz.) with the current silver spot price (per oz.) and go from there.

  Silver Weight Multiplier
1 kg. (32.15 oz.)     0.03
     5 oz.     0.20
     2 oz.     0.50
     1 oz.      1
    ½ oz.      2
    ¼ oz.      4
    110 oz.     10
    120 oz.     20

Click here to learn how dealers determine silver bullion prices.

What Do The Spanish Words Mean?

Spanish words “ONZA,” “PLATA,” “PURA” and “LEY” are stamped on the reverse side of the silver Libertad with the date and silver weight. In English they mean ounce, silver, pure and fine.

So the complete script in English for a 2011 one ounce coin would read

The New Peso

A short detour from the silver Libertad is needed to report there are a small number of modern Mexican silver coins in circulation.

In 1993 Mexico's central bank (Banco de Mexico) reinstituted the manufacture of silver bullion coins (with 1992 date stamps) following the demise of the first peso.

Nuevo (new) peso coinage included N$10, N$20 and N$50 coins with sterling silver centers. An “N” was used to weed out old peso coins. The distinguishing feature of sterling silver is a silver bullion fineness of 92.5%.

The letter “N” was dropped (and $10 silver coins) from the coinage in 1996 since the old pesos were removed from circulation. This was followed by the release of $20 and $50 sterling silver coins with new images.

In 2003 the Mexican central bank began issuing $100 commemorative circulation coins (one for each state) with sterling silver centers.

Although some of these Mexican silver coins are in circulation, they are a rare find.

Use Your Precious Metals Efficiently

One of the big advantages of owning Mexican silver coins is their availability in fractional sizes.

If you are forced to liquidate any of your precious metals due to unforeseen financial needs, you can do so in smaller amounts.

It's wise to consult your accountant about applicable taxes before you sell any precious metals.

Minimizing the amount of precious metals converted to cash in times of hardship is an efficient way to use your gold and silver bullion.

Latin Silver

The silver Libertad is pure silver, pleasing to the eye and rich in culture. It's easy to understand why many choose to buy Mexican silver coins.

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