Silver American Eagle Coins
Are A Hot Commodity

Silver American Eagle Coins are famously popular among silver coin buyers. Some of the primary benefits of these silver bullion coins include:

  • They have a high demand (especially in North America). There should be a good supply of potential buyers if you want to sell them.
  • The IRS has explicitly exempted these coins as collectibles when purchased for a precious metal IRA.
  • These silver bullion coins are guaranteed by the US mint for silver weight and purity.

Although they have a very tiny amount of copper, American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins meet the silver fineness standard required by commodity futures exchanges.

These lovely silver coins are only issued in a one ounce weight of three-nines-fine (99.9%) silver bullion.

Silver American Eagle Coins feature a walking Lady Liberty on the obverse (heads) side and an eagle with an American shield between its spread wings on the reverse (tails) side.

Both images are classic American symbols that represent freedom and strength. Three different varieties are produced by the US mint. They are:

  • American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins
  • American Eagle Silver Proof Coins
  • American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coins

Bullion Variety

Like traditional silver dollars, American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins have a face value of $1. However, this dollar amount is a small fraction of their real worth.

The true value of Silver American Eagle Coins is largely determined by the silver spot price for one troy ounce of silver. Click here to learn how Silver Eagle Coin prices are determined by silver bullion dealers.

Proof Variety

American Eagle Silver Proof Coins are collectible coins that use the same art as the bullion variety. Unique features are added to these proof coins to enhance their beauty and set them apart.

The US mint uses special minting processes (listed below) to distinguish these exquisite silver dollars:

  • Coin blanks are struck by the dies multiple times to sharpen their coin images.
  • Special dies are used to produce beautifully contrasted frosty images on mirror-like backgrounds.
  • A “W” is stamped on the reverse side to identify the West Point Mint.

You can see the “W” just above the word “FINE” on the reverse side
(see photo below).

Uncirculated Variety

Generally “uncirculated” refers to silver bullion coins that were mass produced for circulation but were never used for commerce. They appear brand new ... like the day they left the mint.

Certainly there are silver bullion coins in the precious metals marketplace that meet the above definition of uncirculated coins.

Nevertheless the US mint also issues specially minted collectible coins called American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coins.

These mint-designated uncirculated coins include the same art pictured on the other two varieties but have an appearance similar to the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins.

Additionally, the specially-minted uncirculated coins include a “W” stamp
(West Point Mint) on their reverse side. This special feature also helps distinguish them from the bullion variety.

Use Minimum Amount Of Precious Metals At One Time

In the past the U.S. recognized the importance of issuing both gold and silver monies. The latter played a crucial part in providing smaller denomination amounts since silver was generally less valuable than gold.

For example it's handy to have some smaller denomination bills in your wallet. Merchants usually grimace if you give them a $100 bill to pay for a package of mints.

Similarly owning some silver bullion coins may be helpful to meet an unexpected financial need. The availability of these smaller valued assets can help you reduce the amount of precious metals used at one time.

Minimizing the amount of precious metals converted to cash during times of hardship is an efficient way to use your gold and silver bullion.

It's wise to consult your accountant about applicable taxes before you sell any precious metals.

American Treasures

Silver American Eagle Coins are a great choice if you plan to buy silver coins. Their popularity, beauty and guaranteed silver weight/purity truly make them American treasures.

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