Why Silver Bullion Coins
Are So Popular

Silver bullion coins are sought by people worldwide to protect their wealth. This global popularity may also help when they sell their coins.

Silver American Eagle Coins

Certainly market forces are factors when selling silver coins.

But regardless of how strong or weak silver’s overall demand -- coins are a very popular means of owning physical silver.

      Silver American Eagle Coins

Benefits of choosing silver bullion coins are:

  • Coins include art which adds beauty.
  • Coins have the potential of becoming collectibles.
  • Government-minted coins reduce the risk of fraud.
                                                       Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins

Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin

What is silver bullion? Simply put it's silver fabricated in bulk forms such as coins or bars.

Silver bullion coins belong to one of the following groups:

  • Alloy silver coins - which consist of pure silver plus an alloy metal.
  • Pure silver coins - which are 99.9% silver (three 9s fine or better).

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Value Of Silver Coins

The value of silver coins is closely linked to the silver spot price or spot silver price (either phrase is used) for one troy ounce of silver.

Silver bullion dealers use the silver spot price as a baseline to price their products. Click here to learn how silver coin prices are determined.

Mexican Silver Coins

In short, the principal value of silver bullion coins is their silver content.

The silver coin melt value, often used in conjunction with US circulated 90% silver coins, is the price a refiner might pay for a coin to salvage its silver.

        Mexican Silver Coins

Unlike silver bullion coins, rare silver coins have unique features that are valued beyond their silver content.

For example, if a silver coin is a low mintage coin and is in pristine condition, as determined by a credible grading agency, it will likely have numismatic value beyond its silver bullion.

Silver content – not numismatic value - largely determines a silver bullion coin's price.

Alloy Silver Coins

Some of the most high demand alloy silver coins in the marketplace are junk silver coins. These circulated coins have this name because they have no numismatic potential. Their only value is their silver content.

Prior to 1965, the silver content in coins varied for US minted circulation coins. Their silver purities are 35%, 40% or 90%. The majority of these circulated US silver coins are 90% silver.

US dimes, quarters and half dollars – minted before 1965 – are the most traded 90% silver coins.

US 90% Silver Coins (Dimes)

US junk silver coins are also referred to as a bag of silver coins by silver bullion dealers. This phrase was made popular since bags are the preferred choice for holding large quantities of circulated silver coins.

Other notable countries of origin for junk silver coins are Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Sterling Silver Coins

Sterling silver coins are also alloy coins. The term sterling was coined (pardon the pun) in Europe hundreds of years ago. Anything labeled sterling silver is 92.5% silver.

The balance material is an alloy metal. Copper is a good example of an alloy metal commonly used with silver.

Pure Silver Coins Only

Australian Silver Coin - KookaburraAustralian Silver Coin - Koala

If you're a purest and are only interested in pure silver coins...not to worry.

Australian Kookaburra and Koala Silver Coins (see photos left).

These popular coins are 99.9% (or better) pure silver:

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

These pure silver coins are beautiful. They are truly works of art. It's easy to see why they are treasured by coin enthusiasts around the world.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins (see photos right).

Too Many Choices?

Having a hard time making a choice? Sometimes these decisions are tough. It happens to all of us. If it's a close call, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the artwork of one coin impress me more than the others?
  • Is one coin in greater demand in my region of the world?
  • Are there price differences?
  • Am I only interested in the silver content value?

Chinese Silver Coins

Prices of these silver coins are similar since their values are largely based on the silver spot price.

However, their prices do vary some since one coin can be more popular than another.

        Chinese Silver Coins

A regional demand example is US, Mexican and Canadian silver coins make up the majority of silver coins sold in North America. This consideration has future importance if you sell your silver coins.

If your only interest is the silver content value, junk silver coins are a very cost-effective way to own silver bullion. But if you love culture and art, there are some stunning pure silver coins listed above.

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