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Consider Silver Gold Bull (SGB) if you are investigating online silver bullion dealers who are trustworthy. Started in 2009, SGB - serving Canada/USA - has already earned an A+ rating1 from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
1NOTE:BBB grade on May 2, 2013.

SGB's user-friendly website with up-to-the-minute prices ensures that its pricing is based on the most current silver spot price or spot gold price.

SGB has a good mix of gold and silver bullion products available in the following categories:

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What is the primary difference between silver coins and silver rounds? Coins are issued by government mints and usually carry a legal tender (face) value. Rounds are made by private mints (not legal tender).

Some rounds appear similar to legal tender coins. For example, the obverse side (heads) of a Walking Lady Liberty Silver Round (Golden State Mint) looks like a Silver American Eagle Coin (silver dollar).

Silver Eagle Coin - Reverse

However, the Eagle Coins and Liberty Rounds are minted in differing weights. Eagles are exclusively minted as 1 oz. coins.

Liberty Silver Rounds are only available in fractional sizes ( 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz. and 1/10 oz.).

You can discriminate between Walking Lady Liberty Silver Rounds and Silver American Eagle Coins by their weights or the Eagle's “One Dollar” stamp.

The reverse sides (tails) of a Liberty Round and Eagle Coin are very different. “Golden State Mint” and two pieces of wheat are stamped on the round's reverse. Its wheat and the wheat on an old penny are similar.

Fractional Rounds and Coins

SGB sells fractional silver rounds and gold bullion coins in addition to the standard 1 oz. weight. At this time (May 2, 2013), SGB does not sell
junk silver coins.

Fractional bullion products can be used in small increments. Gold Panda CoinThis is especially important during periods of rising gold and silver prices when you may want to minimize how much bullion is liquidated at one time.

Junk Silver Coins vs. Fractional Silver Rounds

Let’s briefly compare pros and cons of junk silver coins with fractional silver rounds.

Junk Silver Coins:

Pros –

  • Bullion contents are backed by central governments.
  • Have legal tender status.

Cons –

  • Are usually in heavy/bulky bags making them more difficult to store.
  • Do not include silver weight stamps so it's harder to discern a coin's silver content.

Fractional Silver Rounds:

Pros –

  • Include silver weight stamps on rounds.
  • Are available from very credible mints.

Con –

Legal tender coins have certain tax advantages if transported across the borders of some nations.

Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Your Bottom Line at SGB

Canadian dollars or US$ are used to make payments at SGB. A currency converter for US$ to CA$ is located at the top of every page for your convenience.

There are no commissions or back-end fees added to your total price at checkout. Also, SGB may be running a special that includes free shipping with insurance.

Helpful Hint: Look for free shipping offers when visiting the websites of silver bullion dealers. It’s a great way to lower your cost and enhance the return on your investment.

On May 2, 2013 SGB was offering free delivery w/insurance on orders over CA$4,999 and 1/2 shipping cost on orders between CA$2,500 and CA$4,999. Please verify delivery promotion is still valid before ordering.

Why Silver Gold Bull?

In review, SGB has …

  • An A+ rating with the BBB.
  • A user-friendly website with six payment options (two for USA).
  • Competitive and current gold and silver prices.
  • No back-end fees such as commissions or handling.
  • Precious metals insurance coverage during shipping.
  • A delivery signature requirement.
  • Free delivery for orders over CA$4,999 and 1/2 delivery cost for orders CA$2,500 - CA$4,999 (verify before ordering).

Now you know why Silver Gold Bull is on my short list of gold and silver bullion dealers. Please click on the image below to visit SGB's website.

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