Up, Up and Away

by Anthony
(S.E. Missouri)

Shorts would cover, pushing the silver spot price higher as they bought; commercials may try to get in prior to the cost they would have to pass along reducing their business activities. Some retail holders would take profits, most would wait for the best return their thoughts told them there could be.

At the point that the quantity of silver retail buyers of recent past tip their holdings back into the market for profit the price might retreat or stabilize prior to falling back to a place only the market would determine; as this last couple weeks retreat is hovering due to the sentiment that the price probably will not go lower.

It seems in my humble opinion that the mentality of the mob, when large enough, holds the price up higher than the major speculators would prefer.

Lee's Reply:

I believe the mob’s influence on the silver spot price will continue to grow over the next decade as a higher percentage of the general public chooses to store wealth in precious metals.

Thank you Anthony for taking the time to share your opinion.

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